Mission Statement


After 22 years in the industry, you think you have seen it all.  I’ve spent a number of years doing “cause and remedy” assessments for the insurance industries, and it was shocking.  Established and non-established companies alike going in and doing installations and repairs that have caused the homeowners thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  All the result of shoddy and  incompetent workmanship.

I have aligned myself with some of the best professionals in the industry. We are offering the best quality, worry-free installations and repairs. Our scope of work involves all roofing, siding, eaves trough, soffit, fascia, chimney repair, and specialty metal and copper configurations.

We approach every home as if it were our own.  We do what is needed, what is necessary, and THAT’S IT. You will not be sold unnecessary work or expensive extra options ( the profit margins on extra ice and water shield installations are criminal, careful if a salesman pushes this ). My years doing insurance assessments has engraved an honest and to the point approach to alleviate homeowner problems.

The reputation of this industry has taken a beating. This leaves the long established companies the option of overcharging, seeing their installations are the only ones you can trust.  We are here to reverse that trend.


Don Cormier
Sales and Installations



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