Specialty Metal

Metal can be bent and contoured into any conceivable configuration.  Manipulated to fit any angle or curve. Metals we have expertise with include powder coated steel, copper, lead (only metal you can use to effectively flash stone chimneys), and aluminum.

A chimney cap, with corner to corner bends to give a slight lift (discourages pooling water).

A simple fifty foot run of wall flashing.  Due to the thick texture of the brick ( 1 inch dips), a top lip was put on to allow it to run inside the mortar line. This gave it a clean appearance, and more importantly, fully sealed functionality.

This was a three foot by three foot attic access hole. Customer wanted it covered up with thick animal mesh, and a louvre built over top. All the trim and slats were bent up from flat aluminum stock. Colour was a very close match to existing stucco colour.  Two more slats were added to top.

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