Sloped Roofs

The approach to every sloped roof involves a complete once over.  A look into every nook and cranny to foresee any possible problem areas.  No two roofs are the same, exposed to the same elements. The problem with modern architecture is that the designers don’t care one way or another as to the effect of mother nature. 

Genuine roofing professionals are a dying breed. The ability to look, and see, and say “hey, this is going to be a problem with the first winter”. My experience has been that their are few true roofing professionals.  The vast majority of roofing crews today are not professionals, they are shingle slingers.  Sealing up 90% of a roof is idiot proof , it’s the other 10% that requires special attention.

We at Top Notch enjoy challenges.  We approach every installation with professional foresight.

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