Skylights and Suntunnels

Every skylight retrofit has various degrees of difficulty and complications.  No two skylights are alike. Some exterior frames are actually tied into the finished drywall interior. Great care is taken to minimize interior disruption.

Once skylight is carefully removed and area stripped and cleaned, preparations can be made for installation of new skylight.

A finished curb is built and mounted to existing rafters.  Curb is built of fine select pine and painted.

Ice and water shield is applied around perimeter and staggered from bottom to top.

Proper step flashings and counter flashings are used.  This gives the finished skylight an aesthetic as well as functional appeal.

The finished skylight offers a 20 year (Velux warranty) worry free window to the sky.

Suntunnel installations are not as intense, but still offer all the various degrees of difficulty and complications.

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