Heating Cable

This is a nightmare design for ice and snow buildup.  This customer had a brand new house ( 2 years ) that leaked along the side wall both winters.  The new home warranty didnít cover ice damming.

This is a perfect spot for deicing cables, with three 12/12 slopes draining onto a 3/12 basin. 

The last two winters have been record breakers for the insurance companies when it comes to property claims from ice damming. Another argument for global warming. New roof warranties do not cover leakage from ice buildup.  The responsibility is on the homeowner to maintain his/her roof and keep it clear of snow and ice. The best pro-active approach to this is the installation of heating cables to keep channels clear on the roof to allow water drain off. Installation of de-icing cables start at $325.00 + HST.

Once the customer was given his options, he requested the more expensive reactive approach.  The area was stripped and grace ice and water shield was installed to allow water drain-off after it has worked itís way under the shingles.

After the re-build, a higher wall flashing (12 inches) was used to accommodate the snow and ice buildup.  He did decide to install de-icing cables to the area as a first defense.

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