Flat Roofs

One installation material is EPDM. A single ply, rubber based membrane that is weather, ozone and uv resistant. It has been used quite extensively in commercial and industrial applications.  Due to itís strength and durability, it is making big inroads for residential use. The only drawback is its aesthetics, having the appearance of rubber tube material. Once installed though, it is worry free for 25+ years.  Installation involves building a new substrate ( clean wooden deck ) for it to adhere to. One environmental benefit is that it does not pollute runoff rainwater.   

Our other installation material is Duradek.  A single ply, PVC based membrane.  Another very durable, weather, ozone, and uv resistant membrane.  It has been around since 1974, and used extensively on new condo patios as well as the west coast and cottage country.  It is slip resistant. Itís biggest appeal is itís aesthetics.  It is meant to be used on a flat that will double as a deck.  

Our flat applications only involve EPDM and Duradek. We do not do tar and gravel, or torchdown ( bitumen ) applications.  We feel the inherit dangers of applying these applications are not worth the risk to the homeowner. We can make attempts at repairs to present applications, but these carry no warranties. Tracking down a flat roof leak is at itís best, very tricky. We do offer a five year warranty on our own flat roof applications.

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