Chimney Flashing

Saddles require exact measurements and bends to get a proper fit. This one was about 5 years past expiry date.

Chimney flashings have layered metal, with counter flashing on top of step flashings. Another one past due.

Chimneys are one of the most vulnerable spots on a roof for water penetration. Proper installation of layered metal flashings will result in numerous years of worry free home ownership.  Basic chimney reflashing ( stripping all old metal and installing new ) starts at $295.00 + HST. Saddles start at $450.00 + HST.

An insurance assessment. This customer had the roof installed by a “reputable” roofing company a month before and could not figure out why it was leaking around the back chimney. One of those “you think you’ve seen it all”.

Proper flashing should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.  Nailing down the aesthetic end usually takes a few years to perfect.

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