Beyond the Call

Since every problem is different, a certain degree of tact and improvisational skills are required. We make every effort possible to alleviate all homeowner problems.  The one saying that seems to apply to this profession is, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.


This customer had a large tree fall across one hip of the roof and crack it in half. The hip supports 25% of the roof structure on a four slope roof. The work involved on this one was extensive.  Rebuild the box frame on top of the brick line.  Lift, level, and sister the existing hip over a six foot span. Re-cut six fish mouth rafters. Install eight sheets of new plywood sheeting.  Re-shingle in the whole area. To finish it off, install new soffit, fascia, and eaves trough

A bit of a challenge here. A new skylight to replace an old 12 foot wide plexiglass one was running over $3000 for the skylight alone.  Existing wooden frame was used, along with two sheets of 3 by 6 foot tempered glass to create a new skylight. The cost was quite a bit less. 

Weatherstripping was used  to seal both top and bottom portions of glass.  Custom metal was installed giving both an aesthetic and functional effect.

This one involved a crazy squirrel protecting his family who had made a fresh home in the soffit directly below him.  He wailed like a banshee while the ladder was being put up, and then climbed onto the ladder, wailing away.  Told the homeowner to call animal control, and then call back when the coast was clear. Haha ( I am serious though, he didn’t give up any ground ).

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